Monday, October 13, 2014

Travel Around the World with Your Favorite Fragrances

Today I'm discussing everything Scentsy has to offer for On the Go scents for everyday life. Whether you are a stay at home mom, or a traveler for the company you work for, Scentsy can be in your life. It can literally go anywhere in the world with you, so you never have to go without your favorite fragrance. 

For the following post, I will be giving information on our Scent Paks, Travel Tins, Scent Circles and Room Sprays- and the many uses each one can serve! One of them even includes a cute craft you can do with your children for their teacher, nanny, or grandparent this holiday season!
Scent Paks
  • Scent Paks are a great way to add extra fragrance to almost anything- locker, diaper bag, purse, clothes hamper, linen closet, desk drawers, bottom of a diaper pail...the list goes on.
  • How long will a Scent Pak last? At least 30 days.
  • For every Scentsy Buddy you buy, you get a FREE Scent Pak of your choice.  The free Scent Pak is intended to go inside of your child's Scent Buddy. If you think your child might be sensitive to the fragrance or won't like it, you can use the Scent Pak for yourself--and your child can still enjoy their new fuzzy Scentsy Buddy!
  • Each Scent Pak is made with non-toxic plastic beads injected with fragrance oils, so if a child were to accidently ingest some, it will not cause harm to them. 
Order your Scent Paks or Scentsy Buddy at Katie Kallies-Independent Scentsy Consultant

Travel Tins
  • Scentsy Travel Tins are durable, compact travel candles designed to fit in your purse, car, dresser drawers or luggage.  Although they are not literally candles, they carry the same scents for your travel that scented candles would, plus you can use them in your hotel room, or anywhere for that matter.
  • All you have to do is open the Travel Tin a little to let out a small amount of fragrance or a lot to let out more.  Even if these small tins are closed completely, they will still release some fragrance.
  • Customers often ask 'Why does it look like there is nothing inside my travel tin?' The reason for this is because Travel Tins are filled with a very thin layer of clear solid-like gel.  That's why they are meant for small areas.
  • Travel Tins will last for several months if you use them wisely.  If a tin is left open for long periods of time the scent will disappear faster.  Open them just a crack, they will last for months.  If you keep them in your purse, gym bag or dresser drawer, closed, they will last even longer.
Order your Travel Tins at Katie Kallies-Independent Scentsy Consultant

Scent Circles
  • Scent Circles are great to use in the car, closet, or gym/school locker!
  • They can be recharged with fragrance after 2-3 sprays of your favorite Scentsy Room Spray.
  • Are you going to have an artificial Christmas Tree this year? Make it smell like a real tree with an Iced Pine or Winter Pine Scent Circle (or Scent Pak)
    • ***Iced Pine has a slight scent of Peppermint so it is a little sweeter smelling than Winter Pine.  Both give off an evergreen scent, which makes them perfect to hang on your Christmas Tree.***
  • Craft a Christmas Gift this year for your children's teachers, nanny or grandparents! (See picture below)
Order your Scent Circles at Katie Kallies-Independent Scentsy Consultant

Room Sprays
  • One spray from Scentsy Room Sprays can cover up ANY nasty oder! But they don't have to be used for just the room!
    • Spray the inside of a toilet paper roll for added fragrance in the bathroom.
    • Spray fake flowers to fool friends and family when they come over.
    • Spray your Scent Circle 2-3 times to recharge it with fragrance.
Order your Room Sprays at Katie Kallies- Independent Scentsy Consultant

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