Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why Scentsy?

No scents can ever be too strong or too weak!
You control the strength of every scent- add a full cube, or break a cube in half to weaken the scent! (More than one cube can be used at the same time)

Want a change of scent?
Switch off the warmer, let the wax cool for a minute or two; pour the wax back into its tray for later use (provided you think there is scent still left).
Give the dish a wipe with a paper towel, and add new wax!
There is no waste- you re-use the wax until the scent is gone.

Why is Scentsy healthier?
NO POLLUTION! Candles release smoke and toxins into the air that we breathe! Nothing is ever burned with Scentsy fragrance.

Value for your money!
Every warmer is a one time purchase. Scentsy bars are only $5 each unless they are on special.
Candles are a continuous buy at $15 to $25 a pop!

Scentsy is also so much more than warmers and bars--
Scentsy also has a fine fragrance line including body care and laundry care products, all gluten-free, toxin free and animal cruelty free. This line includes shower gel, shower cream, body lotion, body butter, hand cream, body spray, perfume, washer wiffs and dryer disks. 

How the Scentsy Warmers work:

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