Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Almost First #Disney Experience

My best friend was finally coming to Florida! The last time I seen her, we were crying and hugging goodbye in a Noodles parking lot. So, we were very excited she was coming to Disney with her boyfriend.

The first time I was at Disney was when I was about 6 years old, so I didn't remember anything about it, which made me even more excited to spend this time with them.

Hubby and I were only able to get away for two days, leaving us time for one park, Epcot.

I was sure to take plenty of pictures of my almost first Disney experience with my best friends.

We all stayed at the All Star Sports Resort, where we were greeted with these adorable Mickey heads on our beds. A perfect welcome to Disney! 
When Hubby and I first arrived in Disney, Ashley and Andy were still at a park, so we ventured down to Downtown Disney.  We walked around the shops and walked up to Ghirardelli!! We both were so happy to see it there. He had their Root Beer Float and I had a Caramel Mocha Frappuccino . I absolutely love anything carmel made by Ghirardelli. On our way back to the buses we stopped in their gift shop and picked up some free chocolates and hot chocolate. YUM!! 

After a few cocktails in the hotel room we had
more cocktails at Planet Hollywood.
Oh and some dinner. Which wasn't as impressive as the drinks. 

Ashley and Andy had a BIG cocktail at the bar. Woah. 

The next morning we headed to Epcot where I was greeted by this adorable duck.  So cute!

And some pretty impressive flowers.

We made it to Mexico. Beautiful. 

Donald was there. He was so funny with the kids! Ashley, Andy and I had pictures taken with him.
He gave Ashley and I kisses. <3

Hubby and I. What a hunk. 

More beautiful landscaping.

Japan and France were outstanding.

Pooh Bear! He was my favorite growing up.
Still is. 

Luckily we ran into him.
Tiger and Pooh were so much fun, and had us laughing
hysterically. At least I was. Tiger kept kissing me
 and purring at me. Ashley looks terrified of Pooh. haha!!
 We couldn't take any of this seriously.
Just a bunch of grown ups, acting like kids.
Even Hubby got some love from Tiger after we were done taking pictures.
He blushed!

We ended our trip around the world at the ball.
Where we kept getting stuck in the past.  Literally.
The ride kept breaking down. 3 times to be exact. But we still had fun with it.

Lastly, we ended our mini vacation with a sunset after dinner Downtown.
It was hard to say goodbye to Ashley and Andy again, but it won't be for long!

In the end we ate too much, laughed a lot, and created amazing memories that will last a lifetime.  Spending this time with Ashley was exactly what I needed.

Thanks for everything Disney! I'll be back soon!

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