Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sidewalk Smoke Bombs by Growing a Jeweled Rose

You read it correctly.  Sidewalk Smoke Bombs. Well, they're actually chalk bombs. Smoke bombs sound so much more interesting.

I stumbled across this activity on Pinterest and have been waiting anxiously to share it with you!  This activity seems fairly easy to make.  And, if you have children already, you're almost guaranteed to have all the ingredients to make them a few days before. Have fun!                              

Sidewalk Smoke Bombs- Fill eggshells with an easy to make chalk powder mixture and let kids delight in tossing them at the pavement to make beautiful clouds of smoke art in the air and neat art effects on the pavement! These are SO COOL! (A great way to use eggshells after eating the eggs)
Pictures and activity come from Growing a Jeweled Rose
Supplies you'll need...
Empty egg shells 
Crushed sidewalk chalk
Baby powder
Glue stick
Tissue paper

For the full instructions and tutorial please visit Growing a Jeweled Rose

                              Sidewalk smoke eggs

For more great activities and how-to's, to do with the little ones please visit Growing a Jeweled Rose 

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