Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Man Cave Magnets

Add your own personal touch to your man's 'Man Cave' the next time he brings home his favorite beer.

Miller Lite seems to always be in our refrigerator, taking up space. After a night of arranging and rearranging the beer, so I could fit my casserole in bottom the fridge, I couldn't help but think-I can't wait until he gets his man cave.

The bottle caps must have spoken to me or something, because I started thinking what I could do to turn them into something useful for his future man cave. And that's how Man Cave Magnets came to be. 

Hubby only has one favorite beer (I think?), so I couldn't get too creative with these. The next time he brings home a specialty beer, I'll have to steal more bottle caps from him.  

Happy crafting ladies! I hope your men enjoy their new magnets for their fridge full of beer! 

Supplies you'll need:
Bottle Caps
Circular Magnets
Strong Glue 

I love using Glass Bond Glue when I need a super
strong hold! Works better than super glue.

Flip the bottle cap over and place a dime size amount
of glue in the center of each bottle cap.

Once you have applied all the glue, carefully place a
magnet in the center of each bottle cap. Allow to dry
for up to 2 hours before placing them on the refrigerator. 


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