Thursday, April 10, 2014

Last Month on the #Blog - #Recycled Magazine Coasters

Recycled Magazine Coasters
Patience ;)
Tear out 6 pages (per coaster). Cut off the ragged edge on each page.
Fold each page in half lengthwise. 
Cut each page on the fold you just made, shown in picture one.
Fold each strip in half, as shown in picture two.
Then, fold into thirds, folding the cut edge inward, so they're hidden inside.
Fold the long strip in half, at the center. 
Repeat with each magazine sheet. 
To start weaving, interlock two strips, shown in picture two. 
Add another strip that wraps around the outside of the horizontal bottom strip. 
Repeat, on the vertical side.
Continue weaving and frequently check the other side 
to make sure it looks like the front. 
When you have finished weaving, weave in the ends of the strips,
so they do not emerge.
Trimming them with scissors will also work.

**If you want to prevent your new coasters from getting wet from cold drinks, spray with an acrylic sealer. **


  1. UBP14 participant played with all your social media icons and liked, followed, joined and posted all that was available to me. Thanks for sharing some of your wonderful DYI magazine coasters. I just love anything you can do with paper/recycle.

  2. Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoy them. I'll be posting more in the future, that you'll hopefully enjoy. In the meantime, please feel free to share with your family and friends!
    Have a great day!