Friday, April 4, 2014

Cucumber Stacks

Today, I created Cucumber Stacks.  Last night at the grocery store I stocked up on cucumbers and other veggies. I'm the type of person that can't just sit down and eat plain vegetables.  I need to dress them up and have fun with them. You could say I technically created an appetizer, but these little stacks were very tasty as a mid-afternoon snack. 

You don't need to make a bunch at one time- leaving you to forget about them in the back of the refrigerator. I hate when that happens.  Since this was just a snack, I only made three, and easily put away the rest of the ingredients for later.  

Plus, all the ingredients are easy enough for you to take to work with you, to make on your lunch break. Slice it all up the night before and place into little baggies, or tupperware. This recipe didn't even take me 5 minutes to make, and that includes, taking all the ingredients out of the refrigerator.  


Cucumber, sliced
Light Ranch Dressing
Turkey, sliced from the deli
Grape Tomatoes, halved

Place a dollop of ranch dressing onto each cucumber slice.  Next, place a spinach leaf on top of the ranch dressing, along with the sliced turkey-rolled up and sliced into 1 inch pieces.  Top it off with a halved grape tomato. 

P.S. Get the kids involved with making this snack and have fun doing it. It will allow you to have extra time with them before they have to run off to all their after school activities.  

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