Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Wonderful Uses For Vaseline

1. Lip balm-Moisturizes and soothes chapped lips.

2. All over moisturizer-Hands, feet, legs, lips, elbows

3. Eye makeup remover- Lightly coat your lids, and gently scrub with a soft tissue.

4. Exfoliate-Mix vaseline with brown sugar to make your own scrub.

5. Highlighter- Apply it on your cheeks and under eye area for a dewy look.

6. Lipgloss- Apply lip liner to your lips and top it off with vaseline for an instant shine.

7. Fragrance- Apply a thin layer of vaseline to your wrists before applying perfume. It will help the fragrance last longer.

8. Skin protectant- Apply vaseline around your hairline before coloring your hair.  The vaseline will protect your skin from the chemicals and from being tinted during coloring.

9. Conditioner- Apply a small amount to the scalp before shampooing to help condition it during the cold winter months.

10. Tame eyebrows- Apply a small amount to your eyebrows before getting into bed and sweep a mascara wand through them. It will help moisturize them and hold them in place.

11. Prevents chafing- Apply to the areas that need it.

12. Stretch your lotion- When you're running low on your lotion, add vaseline to prolong it's life.

13. Stop squeaks- Apply to squeaky hinges on doors and cabinets around the house to keep them quiet.

14. Shine Shoes- Makes scuffed patent leather shoes shine like new again.


  1. I was just looking this up today, ironically. Thanks for the list!