Tuesday, March 25, 2014

25 Creative Ways to #Repurpose, #Reuse and #Upcycle

1. Use tennis rackets as mirrors 
old tennis racket as a small mirror

2. Design old cassette tape cases as gift card boxes
turn old cassette tape cases into gift card boxes

3. Fill a box with skewers to make an all-purpose knife block
use box filled with skewers as a knife block

4. Turn old picture frames into serving trays
using picture frame as serving tray

5. Transform an old door into a frame as a standing mirror
old door frame used as standing mirror

6. Transform an old suitcase into a medicine cabinet
suitcase upcycled into medicine cabinet in bathroom

7. Plug holes in a fence with marbles
marbles used to plug holes in outdoor fences

8. Use an empty Kleenex box as a bag dispenser
using empty kleenex box as grocery bag dispenser

9. Turn an old door frame into a coffee table
old door turned into coffee table

10. Use an old bulletin board as a jewelry organizer
using bulletin board as jewellery organizer

11. Transform a chair into a towel rack and shelf
use an old chair as bathroom towel rack and shelf

12. Upcycle old mugs, bottles and bowls into light fixtures
light fixtures made from wine bottles ceramic mugs buckets and bowls

13. Use a pipe with valves as a coat rack
pipe with valves as coat rack

14. Upcycle old light bulbs into candles 
old lightbulb turned into candle

15. Turn old utensils into wall hooks
using old utensils as wall hooks

16. Use shower hooks as bag holders in a closet
Use Shower Hooks in Closet as Bag Holders

17. Turn old credit cards into guitar picks
stamping old credit cards into guitar picks

18.  Turn old wrenches into wall hooks
wrenches bent into wall hooks

19. Use a paper towel holder as a ribbon holder
using paper towel holder a a ribbon holder

20. Organize your pantry with a hanging shoe rack
old hanging shoe rack into pantry organizer

21. Use a six pack as a condiment carrier at your next cookout
using six pack of beer case as condiment carrier

22. Repurpose a card catalogue into a mini bar
 turning library card catalogue into bar stand

23. Use mason jars to carry your salad
using mason jars to transport your salad

24. Turn your old magazines into coasters

25. Transform spaghetti jars into canisters

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