Saturday, February 22, 2014

DIY Glitter Magnets

Years ago I was an after school program leader for one of our local schools.  We were always trying to find new ways to keep the kids busy once their homework was finished, and at that time Pinterest did not exist.  Today, teacher's and activity leaders are so lucky to have such an awesome resource.
Back then I wish I thought of this for an activity.  It would have been the perfect project to get all the kids involved with. Yes, glitter can be messy, get on everything, and seem to never come off, but it is so much! 
Today, I spent my afternoon making Glitter Magnets out of large glass gems I picked up at Hobby Lobby the other day. (Our refrigerator needed a little makeover.) Hobby Lobby sells 2lb bags for $3.00, which leaves you with a lot of gems for the kids to get crafty with!

DIY Glitter Magnets

Supplies you will need


Large Glass Gems 
(found in the floral aisle)

Small paint brushes

Artists Varnish 
(found in the paint aisle)

Modge Podge or Glass Bond Glue
(I found glass bond glue worked the best)

Circular Magnets 
(get the strongest hold you can find)

Divide out the glitter you want to use 

On the flat surface of each gem put a thin layer of glue (glass bond) and press it into the glitter. 
I also combined colors by gently pressing the gem into one color, then into the next. 

Once all the gems have been coated in glitter,
lay them on a flat surface with the glitter facing up. 
Step away for about an hour to allow the glue to dry. 
Once the glue has dried, take your small paint brush 
and brush on a thin layer of varnish over the glitter. 
This seals the glitter, so it will not flake off and get on everything.  
Step away for about 2-3 hours until the varnish has completely dried. 
Keep the room ventilated, it has a very strong odor.
Once the varnish has completely dried, use the glass bond glue
to attach the magnets over the glitter, and allow to dry for another hour.

Here is what they will look like

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